For the longest time I've been staring at my screen. Writing and rewriting but never once hitting the post button. I've always felt that the first thing I put out there needs to be something inspiring, interesting, captivating, bla-bla-blah. The truth is, I don't have anything life changing to write about. All I have is an avenue to put what ever it is I write out there in hopes that someone comes across it and decides to read past the title. 

Honesty. In our current digital world, where public social perception has become more important then reality, we feel the need to put out there the best bits of our lives to show others how great things are. Let's be honest, most of us have rather average (boring) daily routines and don't live lives TV networks want to broadcast. But as a picture is worth a thousand words, that one post of us doing something exciting or amazing makes us feel that life isn't that bad or depressing sometimes. I'm guilty, just check my instagram feed.

So what's with all the self righteous mumbling. Well, photography scares me. Because it is so subjective and I cannot control the result (peoples reaction to my pictures), I've shied away from it for the longest time. Rejection isn't something I handle very well. Unless I know I'll be good at something, I won't start it. There in lies a problem, how do you know if you have the potential to be good at something unless you try it?

Social media has helped give me that nudge. After putting pictures up over several months and living in my own self glory of having other photographers like my pictures, I decided I had enough courage to continue forward and see where this new journey takes me. Yes, I'm aware I don't have thousands (or hundreds for that matter) of likes or followers. Yes, nobody was paying me to take those pictures, and yes no one was asking me to take pictures for them, but hey, no one thought my pictures were so bad they bothered to take the time to write something bad. 

And so begins my journey. I don't have a strategy, I don't have a plan, I don't even know if people will even honestly like the pictures I take or what I have to say. But I don't care! Well ok, I care a little. I hope the things I learn can help you in some way, and to those I meet as we go along, I hope there are things I can learn from you. 


:: bryan