What camera/lens/etc. are you using? One of the more frequent questions asked by anyone interested in photography or even someone that's liked a picture of yours. Being what is often referred to as a "gear head", it is a question I frequently ask others myself. Personally I don't feel there is anything wrong with asking the question (although I know some people can get a little snarly when asked), but what I find important is understanding why someone chooses the equipment they use. Understanding why a person does something is one of the best ways to learn and to identify if it helps you to achieve... whatever it is you're seeking to do.

As one begins their journey through photography, it quickly becomes overwhelming the number of choices and variations you have just to take a picture. My hope is that through my journey and experiences, I can give you a perspective to help you make a more informed decision. 

Remember, there is no perfect camera or equipment list. Forget about "keeping up with the Jones's" in having the latest and greatest, find what makes sense for you and what lets you take better pictures.

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