Although being new to the industry, Bryan has made a name for himself having received several awards. Bryan is one of the few people with highly coveted awards such as "Best Son", "Awesome Brother", "Greatest Husband" & multiple "Certificate of Participation". Bryan's trailblazing has set him apart from others and he has been a highly sort after mentor to several other industry professionals, without them even knowing. Bryan has even been known to be used as a noun, verb or adjective, igniting passion and evoking cult-like emotion with the sheer mention of his name. 

Having garnered several followers and likes on various social media platforms, Bryan knew it was time to take it to the next level and up the social ante, a personalised website. With the support of his self confidence and ego, he embarked on this journey further instating what he already knew, that the public wanted more.

Even with this new found fame and celebrity, Bryan has not forgotten his humble beginnings. His grandfather had a little camera shop, and while Bryan had nothing to do with it, it reminds us all of how history can be created with little substance. Always talking about himself and often reminding us to listen, Bryan shows us what the internet was truly made for, self glorification. 

A modest person, Bryan finds it weird when people talk about themselves in the third person, noting he does not indulge in this practice. As this page was created by Bryan himself, Bryan isn't hypocritical but rather honest that he doesn't have someone to write things about him. The truth being, there's nothing to write about in the first place. 


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